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Think beyond cost cuttings ; Eliminate siloed approach and enhance CRE with connectivity

A building with countless devices from various manufacturers is a natural thing. For a system to work effortlessly in these conditions,interoperability is the key and is hard to attain.

Vinayak Hegde
Enhance CRE with Connectivity

The technological advancements in recent years have been phenomenal and rapid. Yet, several sectors like Commercial Real Estate (CRE) have been slow to adopt due to their nature. To reinforce this, recent studies reveal that buildings are responsible for a whopping 40% of the world’s total energy consumption and  33% of greenhouse gas emissions. Those are some staggering statistics in these uncertain times.

However isn't uncommon for the CRE sector to automate building’s processes to reduce energy consumption. They have been using the legacy solutions for quite some time ,primary focus being the low-hanging fruits like cost savings and operational efficiency. While these focus points are good, they are not enough. In today’s world where there are numerous touchpoints and interaction windows with the tenant, it is only fair to ask : Do your legacy systems fulfill demands beyond mere savings and efficiency?

Caveats with legacy solutions

A building with countless devices from various manufacturers is a natural thing. For a system to work effortlessly in these conditions, interoperability is the key and is hard to attain. It is mainly because of the simple fact that they are all developed by different vendors and don't speak the same language. For this very reason the solution becomes extremely difficult to scale. And what’s with a solution if it is not scalable?

The cost of acquiring data is relatively high with these siloed systems in place and only adds to the capex. Beyond the costs of installing and maintaining these systems, it calls for a dedicated skilled personnel to look after the relatively complex operating processes. It is not entirely true to state that these systems don't generate a return on investment - in fact, they certainly do, but only on buildings with huge areas.

So, is there a way around this? Absolutely.

The integrated approach to progress

Facility managers and owners who have been in this sector for quite some time may find the IoT hype inflated. It might sound like a new buzzword in the market. But it brings with it a great deal of potential. A cloud-based IoT solution unlocks doors to enormous opportunities in the building spectate is exactly what IQnext does. Needless to state the perks of the cloud-based IoT solution which constantly receives updates and security patches along with the exciting features' packs a lot more value.

It provides a centralized view of the entire portfolio of properties in a simple and intuitive interface, which is not alien to an average user . That includes every detail related to every other system that is present across all the connected buildings. The rich data and analytical tools enable the user to make data-driven decisions without any hassle. Software first approach makes it an ideal deal to scale up without any hiccups.

Bottomline, it is a no-brainer that when all devices, processes, and people are connected seamlessly through a single pane of glass, the value delivered will be greater than ever.

What is IQnext?

The IQnext cloud platform analyses and optimizes building infrastructure and operations in real time.  Despite the fact technology has evolved, building operations have remained conservative.  IQnext deeply integrates and connects devices, people, and processes on a single platform by creating a digital twin. Using our future-proof technology and a platform that is simple, intuitive and scalable, IQnext provides centralized visibility and enables data-driven decisions, thus enabling in our mission to deliver  long-term sustainability and operational efficiency.

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