Make your buildings performance- driven that maximizes ROI

Maintain your building's long-term sustainability goals while significantly increasing performance with IQnext’s powerful operational and management tools. Get a bird’s eye view of your entire portfolio at any given instance and make insight-driven decisions, all from one centralised place.


With the exceptionally versatile rule engine and the ability to create and monitor rooms and departments, you can set up and ensure processes and procedures across your portfolio.

Operational Visibility

With digitised floor maps and connected devices designated with comprehensive details gain complete visibility over your portfolios and manage them centrally.


Adapt as the building trends evolve with the cloud-based software approach that receives continuous updates rather than clinging to a restrictive traditional approach that gets outdated sooner.


With all your buildings managed from a single place along with loaded powerful tools like data-rich energy reports and mass rule apply, effortlessly improve energy efficiency at scale.

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Works for both new and retrofit facilities

Get the desired resultsfrom the devices andoptimise the energyconsumption dependingon location anddaily/weekly needs with the exceptionallyversatile rule engine.

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Reduced downtime

Real-time data, as well as features such as condition-based alarms, allow you to keep close tabs on your devices, enabling you to detect irregularities before they arise, reducing downtime and maintenance requirements.

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Centralized. Data-driven. Real-time.

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