Connected building operations and management platform

IQnext is a cloud-based platform for centralized building management using a connected, data-driven, and integrated approach to improve sustainability and efficiency.

Trusted by forward thinking buildings

Across 5 million+ Sq. ft

One platform for your connected buildings

Simply put, IQnext aids in the management of your buildings through our simple, intuitive, and scalable cloud-based solution. increasing efficiency by connecting a portfolio of buildings seamlessly, providing  real-time data-driven insights and decision-making capabilities

IQnext's dashboard showing insights like total energy costs, total energy consumptions, energy vs occupancy graphs, occupancy levels etc for a portfolio of buildings
layers panel showing the options to view only the selected devices like HVAC, gateway, air quality sensors, energy meters, PACs in the floor map based operations page

Connect all of your devices,
processes and people

IQnext deeply integrates and connects devices, people, and processes on a single platform by creating a digital twin. Using our future-proof technology and a platform that provides centralized visibility and enables data-driven decisions.

Managing users screen showing active, inactive and invited users

Enhance your sustainability efforts by reducing energy consumption

IQnext provides centralized visibility using software drivenapproach, enabling us to deliver long-term sustainability andoperational efficiency as part of our mission.

Two graphs, one in the background showing energy versus occupancy report and one in the foreground showing energy consumption over a time period