Asset Management Software for Increased Asset Performance

Eliminate the manual approach to managing your assets and prevent your assets from becoming liabilities.

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Screens showing asset count, asset status, category subcategory etc

Effortlessly transition to the digital way of managing assets 

Are you managing your assets manually or relying on cumbersome spreadsheets? and tired of the inefficiencies and limitations of these outdated methods?

Transitioning to a centralized platform for your assets has never been easier with our super-simple asset management platform. Whether you're migrating from manual systems or starting fresh, our user-friendly tools make the process seamless, saving you time and effort while also giving you a greater freedom of customizations.

Connected/non-connected asset; every detail you need in one place

Say no to scattered information, the burden of managing countless spreadsheets, and the valuable time wasted searching for crucial data when you need it most.

Whether it is a connected asset like an HVAC or a non-connected asset like a coffee machine ; access all the data you require , including purchase details, warranty insights, performance history, maintenance tasks, and much more, all in a single place. Take charge of your assets and unlock the efficiency that comes with having all the necessary data at your fingertips.

Complete details of a non-connected asset, coffee vending machine. Every information like basic details, manufaturer details, alarms triggered, maintenance history, performance insights in one place.
Screens showing upcoming maintenance details and warranty insights of an asset.

Get the most out of your assets with actionable insights

Stay on top of all your asset insights and never miss out on important updates.

Access asset warranty details and upcoming maintenance tasks with just a single click, anytime, anywhere. Gain valuable insights into asset performance through a unified dashboard. Effortlessly assess asset downtimes, mean time to failure, and mean time to repair across different timeframes.

Organize assets your way with customizable fields

Never feel limited by options. Customize your asset fields to suit your unique asset requirements and features. 

Manage and review custom layouts tailor-made to suit specific asset requirements. Gain the ultimate user freedom and tinker with the layout, categories, and status fields of your assets. Whether you need to track specialized equipment, diverse inventory, or a range of facility resources, our flexible customization empowers you to adapt and evolve your asset management strategy precisely as you need it.
Your assets, your way.

A list of all the assets sorted by their category and sub category

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