Unlock the potential of the cloud-based solution to deliver best-in-class building experience

Connect your portfolios centrally and optimise operations and management in turn delivering long-term sustainability

Energy efficiency at scale

With all your buildings managed from a single place along with loaded powerful tools like data-rich energy reports and mass rule apply, effortlessly improve energy efficiency at scale.

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Unified solution

Connect all your devices, processes and people together across your portfolios with IQnext’s centralised platform for better building operations and management.

Enhance occupant Comfort

With occupancy-based device operations and simple tools to monitor your indoor environment, continuously learn and adapt to deliver greater comfort to the occupants.

Be proactive than reactive

Real-time data, as well as features such as condition-based alarms, allow you to keep close tabs on your devices, enabling you to detect irregularities before they arise, reducing downtime and maintenance requirements

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Resource Reservation

With the simple and intuitive mobile app, sort the rooms based on the seating capacity, amenities such as projector availability and book them instantly.

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Continuously improving

Adapt as the building trends evolve with the cloud-based software approach that receives continuous updates rather than clinging to a restrictive traditional approach that gets outdated sooner.

Reimagine Buildings

Centralized. Data-driven. Real-time.

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