Make effective use of the space available

With IQnext’s best-in-class space management and analytics tools, gain insights and enhance every aspect of your space

Time vs occupancy visualization for 7 days with minimum and maximum occupied days

Real-time occupancy patterns to optimize space utilization

Traditional approaches provide no visibility on how the space is being occupied and utilized. Act quickly with data-rich and dynamic real- time insights on your building’s occupancy patterns.

View and analyze occupancy reports based on specific time periods, departments, rooms, and much more. Take complete control of your space with features such as occupancy heatmaps and motion trails.

Create departments and monitor their energy and occupancy patterns

Create departments and assign them rooms on the floor-map for better manage your space.

View all details including the energy usage, occupancy trends for the relevant department and take action as needed.

Departments and the number of rooms for each of them and energy consumption graph showing department-wise energy consumption
List of buildings in the portfolio and their total area

Get the complete overview of your entire space in a single place

There’s no need to browse through puzzled drawings or a bunch of spreadsheets to know details like the number of floors, wings, rooms, their areas and so forth.

We’ve got you covered. Get the information you require hassle-free. Check the amenities, area, automation type and much more of any selected space to get a complete view of your building.

Reimagine Buildings

Centralized. Data-driven. Real-time.

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