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Illustration of people standing on top of buildings and managing them via a cloud platform
Floor map based operations page of IQnext platform

Intuitive real-time floor map-based view makes managing your devices engaging and simpler

Managing hundreds of devices is often difficult due to the associated complexity and lack of real-time visibility.

Change your perception of device management with a highly intuitive, floor map-based interface that makes device operations dynamic and contextual. View the instantaneous data and applied settings, make the appropriate adjustments, filter and view the device of interest, thus enabling you to take relevant data-driven decisions, and so much more.

Explore more about the benefits of real time visibility

Trigger desired actions with the highly flexible rule engine

Manual systems come with a lot of inconsistencies and room for errors, making your effort of energy optimization a nightmare.  

With IQnext’s highly flexible rule engine, get the desired outcomes from the devices and optimize the energy consumption without breaking a sweat.

You can set rules based on the real time occupancy status for your various devices (luminaires, HVAC) and apply custom configurations depending on the location and your daily/weekly needs.

Occupancy based scheduling feature for HVAC devices and lighting devices
Screen showing the feature Mass rule application where one can choose a predefined rule for HVAC or lighting and apply it to the whole building or portfolio

Apply a device rule to your entire portfolio of buildings with only a few clicks

Save your precious time by applying a selected device rule across your entire portfolio of buildings.

The mass rule apply function in device rule settings allows you to apply a single rule to numerous locations spanning different buildings, floors, room kinds, departments, and so on, reducing the time and effort required to apply rules individually to multiple locations.

Discover and add devices on your building network with ease

Does your building have devices and systems that are adamant about talking to each other and you have tons of individual processes to look after them? If you answered yes, look no further  

Search for devices like Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Energy meters, Precision Air Conditions (PAC) and other devices that might present in your network just with a few clicks and add them to the platform and manage them centrally. It can’t get any simpler!!

Searching and adding the devices like energy meter, IAQ etc present in the building network to the IQnext platform
devices and their connection status and physical location

Get a complete overview of all your devices across all buildings and their connection status

Have too many devices and not sure where they are located and what is their present connection status?

Well, all those details are now at your disposal. Either filter the devices by building, floor and name or search their sequence IDs and get the results along with their location on the floor map.

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