One Centralized platform for your entire portfolio

IQnext is a centralized platform that is redefining the way buildings are operated shifting from siloed legacy systems with a cloud solution for connected buildings

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IQnext's dashboard showing insights like total energy costs, total energy consumptions, energy vs occupancy graphs, occupancy levels etc for a portfolio of buildings
IQnext's centralised platform's left panel showing 4 different buildings in 4 different locations along with their total energy consumptions, area, number of floors

Eliminate siloed approach of managing buildings

Is your building riddled with devices and processes that don't communicate with one another? Using proprietary processes for every single need, on the other hand, will result in chaos and a failure to deliver the data you require on time.

With IQnext connect your devices, processes and people centrally across all your portfolios and manage them from a single place

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Scales along with your ever-growing portfolios

Growing portfolios, combined with fragmented methodologies, will present you with challenges such as a lack of data visibility, complex property administration and operations, and other issues.

IQnext is better suited to deal with these. You can connect all your properties to the IQnext cloud platform, allowing you to manage them all from a one place regardless of portfolio location.

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List of all the buildings along with their area in the entire portfolio
Two graphs, one in the background showing supply air temperature vs return air temperature and one in the foreground showing energy consumption over time

Optimize building efficiency with data-driven decisions

Guess-works and manual efforts are now things of the past with IQnext’s highly reliable data. Find out how your building's occupancy trends are, what your top energy-drawing assets are, the air quality of your indoor environment, and much more-all in real-time. Sort all pertinent information by time period, date, buildings, floors, and departments - whatever method you believe will be most useful to you.

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Reimagine Buildings

Centralized. Data-driven. Real-time.

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