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lady with a laptop sitting on top of a cloud connected building
List of all the workorders with columns- workorder ID, maintenance type, work order name, priority and assignee.

One central repository for all of your work orders from all of your buildings

Manage all of your work order across your portfolio in a single space and get a bird’s eye view of your building operations. Monitor the entire lifecycle of work orders, ensuring a seamless flow of tasks and guaranteeing the smooth operation of your buildings anytime, anywhere.

Conveniently browse work orders by category or location, sort them by priorities and status of completion for more efficient handling of your facility's maintenance tasks.

Eliminate delays and never miss work orders again

Delayed response times, no visibility over work completion status and inefficiencies are all long gone.

With IQnext’s powerful maintenance management system, create and manage work orders that have complete information like asset details, tasks, due dates, priority, and more. Assign them to the right team, and track the progress of the work order without missing a beat.

Work order dashboard showing the number of cloes work orders, open workorders and their category
A firesafety schecklist with step-by-step guide

Create and standardize processes with checklists

Maintenance tasks are commonly prone to human errors. The know-how gained through experience might not help other technicians at that moment of need.

Setup Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with detailed instructions for maintenance tasks to ensure they are completed correctly. Create step-by-step instruction checklists and add them to the work orders ensuring the team completes the work, and completes it right.

Simple and powerful mobile app for technicians on the move

IQnext’s mobile app, designed around the technicians, empowers them to stay connected, manage tasks, and access crucial information related to assets anytime, anywhere.

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, technicians can effortlessly navigate through work orders, create work requests, update statuses, and track progress with ease. Everything that the IQnext platform offers, from assets to work orders to work requests, the IQnext app brings them all to the technicians’ pockets.

IQnext mobile app showing work orders

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