Gain real-time data visibility empowering your insight-driven decision making

Fuel your insight-driven decision making with the real-time visibility over the building’s data such as occupancy trends, energy meter readings, indoor air quality and much more

Be proactive than reactive

Real-time data, as well as features such as condition-based alarms, allow you to keep close tabs on your devices, enabling you to detect irregularities before they arise, reducing downtime and maintenance requirements.

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Visualise assets as POI

Intuitive digitised floor maps let you visualise devices as Point of Interest (POI). Click on any POIs to get a detailed view of that device along with options to control them.

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Enable improved collaboration

Add users to the platform hierarchically with three distinct roles and customisable access control to each user to ensure better collaboration between the stakeholders.

Reimagine Buildings

Centralized. Data-driven. Real-time.

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