Eliminate unplanned downtime with Preventive Maintenance schedules

Adopt a proactive maintenance strategy that prevents breakdowns before they occur.

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Screen showing how to schedule a preventive maintenance task with start date, time and repetition cycles.

Increased uptime and longevity of assets with routine maintenance

Reliable assets are the backbone of any efficient facility. IQnext empowers you to establish comprehensive preventive maintenance workflows that keep your equipment in top-notch condition, preventing costly breakdowns and extending their lifespan. Automate work orders, track equipment performance, and receive timely alerts for scheduled maintenance, ensuring that every asset operates at its best.

Keep track of asset performance and plan proactively

Meticulously track asset performance and gain valuable insights into their operational health, identifying patterns and potential issues before they escalate. This proactive stance allows you to create robust preventive maintenance framework, ensuring that maintenance and upgrades are executed on a schedule rather than in reaction to failures.

With performance parameters like mean time between failure, mean time to repair and asset uptime, information is never lost, providing a comprehensive understanding of asset’s reliability.

Performance insights of an asset with mean time to repair, mean time between failures and total uptime and downtimes
Checklist of tasks to complete

Bring accountability and never mishandle preventive maintenance tasks again

Elevate your maintenance strategy with checklists and enhance the accountability of your on-ground team. Create detailed steps and instructions to complete a PM task and make them mandatory to ensure every PM activity is carried out accurately. This structured approach not only fosters consistency but also acts as a fail-safe against oversights, leaving no room for ambiguity in task execution.

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