Condition based monitoring for improved predictive maintenance

With highly flexible and accurate condition-based alarms, significantly boost predictive maintenance.

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Illustration of a man working on a laptop with condition-based alarms
Dashboard of alarms with a list of all the triggered alarms and their details

Alarms make detecting and investigating anomalies simple

Poor equipment operation can result in premature equipment failure, increased maintenance requirements, and significant energy waste, all of which raise maintenance and consumption costs, as well as downtime.

With alarms tailored to your monitoring needs, you can predict irregularities ahead of time. With their unique IDs, you can easily check the progress of each alarm and ensure that it is resolved in a timely manner.

Configure alarms that are tailored to your needs with ease

Setting up alarms for various purposes does not have to be rocket science. Choose the device you intend to monitor, define the parameter and condition, assign a user and you are done.

Example: Trigger an alarm for ‘VRV 105’ when the ‘temperature’ ‘exceeds 25 degrees’

Creating an alarm screen with user defined metrics
Selecting the type of notifications that user want to recieve while creating the alarm i.e either SMS or email

Get notified instantly and keep track of an alarm’s whole history

Never miss an alarm again, regardless of its severity, with notifications delivered directly to your inbox. While setting up the alarm, choose the medium you wish to get notifications through, either email or SMS.

Under the activities area, you can easily trace activities related to a specific alarm, such as the trigger dates, status changes, and so on, giving you comprehensive visibility over the maintenance operations.

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