Redefine your workplace experience

Customize your workspace environment to meet your specific needs and so boost your comfort. With real-time space insights, you can schedule meeting spaces more quickly and efficiently, while also enhancing your team's productivity

Enhance occupant Comfort

With the exceptionally versatile rule engine and the ability to create and monitor rooms and departments, you can set up and ensure processes and procedures across your portfolio.

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Resource Reservation

With the simple and intuitive mobile app, sort the rooms based on the seating capacity, amenities such as projector availability and book them instantly.

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Improved indoor environment

Integrate Indoor Air Quality devices easily with the platform and monitor the environment that you spend your time in and act wherever necessary.

Best-in-class sustainability

Maintain your building's long-term sustainability goals while significantly increasing performance with IQnext’s powerful operational and management tools.

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Reimagine Buildings

Centralized. Data-driven. Real-time.

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