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8 Ways Facilities Managers Can Use Technology to Create Value!

Facility Managers are now utilizing technology to perform their jobs more efficiently and improve the workplace for their employees.

Sakshi Tiwari

In this fast-paced 21st century, technological advancements have impacted every sector of business, large or small. The employment of new technology in FM has produced excellent benefits, like decreased downtime, lower maintenance costs, longer equipment and building lifespans, more customer value, etc.

How is Technology Improving Facilities Management?

Facility Managers are now utilizing technology to perform their jobs more efficiently and improve the workplace for their employees. Technology plays a vital role in preventing a wide variety of issues like equipment failure that disrupts operations or neglecting maintenance that results in costly remedial work or insufficient resource allocation. 

Similarly, energy output can be measured from centralized locations using automated controls and parameters to reduce waste. These solutions leverage technology's ability to quantify, evaluate, and identify trends in massive data sets, then implement automated solutions or alert human teams to make necessary changes, and finally check and measure the solution's performance.

What are the advantages of technology use in facilities management?

The majority of institutions continue to manage facility data with spreadsheets, disparate databases, and paper reports. They do not have a formal process in place for collecting, managing, and analyzing facility-related data. Following are the advantages of using technology in Facilities Management for better outcomes:

  • Using technology and a tried-and-true methodology for a comprehensive and proactive approach to facilities management provides numerous benefits, including ensuring business continuity, promoting a consistent brand and image, and increasing returns on facility investments.
  • Capital planning and management solutions (CPMS) technology can help building managers plan and forecast future repairs and investments. 
  • Institutions that can accurately forecast the costs of replacing major systems over the life of a building can make sound financial decisions like whether to invest or decommission a building.

8 Ways How Facilities Managers Can Use Technology to Create Value!

In the following section, we have enlisted the best 8 ways how Facilities Managers can use technology to create value for their company:

1. Hold power of your portfolio

Remotely manage all of your portfolio needs with a consolidated system that collects asset, energy, and operations data from across your portfolio in a single platform for analysis. Gain a bird's-eye view of the entire portfolio with a single point of contact, driving portfolio-wide efficiency.

2. Optimize, reduce and repeat

After all, how much efficiency is too much efficiency? End-to-end FM digitization allows you to maximize workforce productivity by eliminating inefficient paperwork and manual systems. Make sense of real-time data to optimize asset, workforce, and sustainability performance on a daily basis, reducing waste and saving money. 

3. Collaborate effortlessly

The effectiveness of an FM team is determined by its ability to communicate and coordinate in order to complete maintenance tasks at lightning speed. Add multiple users and assign them different parts of the building with limited access control to better manage the buildings.

4. Make more out of less

FMs are frequently deprived of innovation and thus efficiency because they are perpetually stuck in the budget wheel. Buildings with significant infrastructure investments can use existing automation systems to churn contextual insights from unexplored data, maximizing the value of what is already available. Make legacy systems smarter with IoT technology without uprooting existing expensive infrastructure.

5. Increased monitoring can aid in preventative maintenance

Almost all businesses benefit greatly from preventative maintenance. Maintenance data in real time, scheduling tools, and so on ensure that all of your company's assets are operational. Even better, these tools will notify you when routine maintenance is required, allowing you to resolve a problem before it becomes a major one.

6. Gain an operational advantage

The best facilities maintain the rhythm of operational routines, respond quickly to any glitches, and restore order before it spirals into chaos. By establishing smart workflows that continuously track asset performance, predict, alert, and prevent anomalies, facilities can be managed proactively, lowering overall operational costs and doubling asset downtime. Drive informed purchase decisions using historical and real-time data from buildings to evaluate, improve, and justify asset investments.

7. Offer your experience as a service

The experience that guests have while staying at your property is ultimately what matters the most. Work harder to elevate the aesthetics of your service by enhancing the nuances of work and efficiency with technology, and address FM as a whole in order to make clients happier. Improve the property's value while upgrading the occupant experience to steer the real estate wheel of fate while maintaining both sides of the coin in balance.

8. Track the use of space with data-rich insights

You may be unaware of how and where space is being used, as well as what areas are being ignored, depending on the size of your staff and the size of your space/office. Instead of relying on employees to fill out surveys or make educated guesses about office usage, you can see how your employees use the office in real time and change the workspace to boost productivity and minimize the wasted space.


These top facility management practices with the use of smart technology can help you get the best value for your company’s facilities in terms of efficiency, potential, return and much more.

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