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What is IQnext?

IQnext® is a patented integrated workspace management platform. It is built on the IoT architecture for commercial buildings & workspaces. Thus enabling organizations to optimize the building operations, improve overall efficiency & productivity by providing applications that enable energy savings with HVAC integration, efficient space utilization, meeting room management and much more.

What exactly does IQnext do?

IQnext integrates with existing building systems ( HVAC, Lighting, energy meters and other devices) ,workplace applications (calendar system) and people ( building admins, employees) on a single centralized platform to holistically manage and operate buildings.

Using the real-time data that is collected,IQnext is able to create outcomes in areas of energy management, space management and provides a software driven tool to achieve operational efficiencies.

Who is IQnext built for?

IQnext has been purpose-built for commercial buildings and corporate facilities.

Does IQnext integrate with my existing systems?

Yes, IQnext is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing building/device automation systems . IQnext's unique IoT gateway easily integrates with the building's devices that are available on the network on BACnet/IP. Thus enabling to bring all the data into one central platform. With all the data available centrally on the IQnext platform, allows you to visualize, manage and take data driven decisions in real-time.

What makes IQnext standout from the competitors?

We at IQnext realize that the traditional approach to buildings today is largely manual and/or using legacy solutions that work in a siloed manner. Realizing this gap in the industry we have taken up on a vision to build an integrated cloud-first web based solution that is purpose built for solving the building and workspace problems of today and parallely provide a product that is continually updating and improving.

How secure is IQnext ?

IQnext has 2 main elements.These elements include the IQnext Gateway and the IQnext Cloud.

The IQnext Cloud:
IQnext cloud application  runs on Amazon EC2, which has extensive physical and environmental controls, including redundant power supplies, biometric identification before physical access, and other measures to ensure the security and integrity of their systems. We regularly review their ISO27001 and SOC2 reports to ensure that their security measures align with our commitments to our customers.
And we take a multidimensional approach to application security, to ensure everything from engineering to deployment, including architecture and quality assurance processes complies with our highest standards of security.

The IQnext Gateway (installed on customer premises):
The IQnext Gateway is configured with the minimum set of software needed to perform its function, reducing exposure to hacks. The Gateway is  authenticated to the Cloud via a secure channel using HTTPS/SSL protocols.

Does IQnext encrypt my data in transit?

All data exchanged between the Server and the clients (Browser, Mobile apps, Gateways) are encrypted and transmitted over the Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Does IQnext conduct penetration tests and code scans ?

Yes, we regularly conduct automated and manual penetration testings. We use a combination of certified third party scanning tools and in-house tools for scanning codes.

What do you do with my data?

We only collect what is necessary to run IQnext and follow best practices in data management. On request all associated data (collected from the organization and generated by the application) will be deleted from the IQnext cloud  and also from the backup store.

Where is my data stored?

IQnext is hosted in the data centers of the industry leading cloud service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS). All the data (current & backup) are stored in servers located in India.

How is customer data segmentation implemented in IQnext cloud services?

Our framework distributes and maintains the cloud space for our customers. Data of multiple customers is logically separated from each other and our framework ensures that no customer's service data becomes accessible to another customer.

Does IQnext have an incident response plan?

We monitor incidents 24x7 and report it to the authorized user contacts based on the severity of the incident along with suitable actions.We track and close the incidents with appropriate corrective actions.  Root Cause Analysis will be provided on request.

As a customer of IQnext, what are the additional security features I have to protect my data?

Single Sign-on (SSO)
SSO helps organization administrators enforce standard password policies, user management etc. The simplified login process also helps the users in issue in maintaining multiple password etc.

Multi-Factor authentication
Multi-Factor authentication provides an extra layer of security to protect the user from unauthorized access.

Access from White-listed IPs
For added security, we provide the support for accessing the application from whitelisted IPs.

Password Security
The user passwords are one-way hashed and stored.

What is IQnext's business continuity and disaster recovery plan ?

We have automated AWS snapshots as backup in place to restore the IQnext cloud environment with minimal downtime in case any Disaster occurs.

Does IQnext perform backups?

Yes, We regularly take incremental backup of the data and the same is retained for 2 months.

Will IQnext employees have access to our data and what data will they have access to?

Unrestricted access to the data is limited to few people at IQnext. Data access to the support team is provided at application level depending on their roles. All customer data access is logged and reviewed periodically.

Does gateway act as a router?

No, the IQnext Gateway is a proprietary device configured with the minimum set of software needed to perform its function and is only used to connect wireless nodes and devices integrable over BACnet/IP with the IQnext cloud.

Is there any overlapping between the mesh network and wifi network?

Wireless networks operate in the same frequency band as Wifi (2.4 GHz), however we choose channels (sub divided range of frequencies in 2.4GHz range) that have no/minimum interference with Wifi.

What impact will IQnext Gateway have on our IP network? Is it going to add a lot of traffic and slow things down?

Impacts on your network will be minimal.

Cloud to Gateway
The IQnext Gateway maintains a local database to save configurations/rules/commands sent from the Cloud, the cloud sends data to the gateway only when there is a new configuration applied, this mechanism eliminates the need of Cloud services to send data to gateway always
In case of Gateway being down, on reboot the cloud syncs any new configurations applied, this is also done in a controlled manner without adding on to traffic

Gateway to Cloud
The IQnext Gateway collects reports from devices (wireless devices, devices integrable over BACnet), and sends it to the IQnext Cloud. These reports are usually small chunks of data that are not large enough to increase traffic in the network.

For devices integrable over BACnet, the user can configure the time interval to read BACnet objects or set change of value for a parameter that needs to be reported, this enables further reduction in traffic.

How to connect IQnext Gateway to a customer's network? What ports need to be enabled for GW?

The gateway will be connected over the LAN network with internet access. The gateway uses HTTPS port 443 for sending data to the cloud.The destination URL and port number will be provided and the same needs to be whitelisted/allowed from your Network.

Is this solution for a new facility or can it be retrofitted in an existing facility ?

IQnext has various combinations of products that work well for both new and existing facilities.

Do you support integration with existing building automation systems (BAS)?

Yes. The IQnext platform will integrate with your building management system, HVAC system, or any other building automation system so all data from your building will be accessible in one place.

Is it time consuming to integrate with existing Building Automation Systems?

It depends on the quantity of nodes and how vast the facility is. While the onboarding process does take some time, the benefits of integrating the facility with IQnext far outweigh the effort.

Is there any additional hardware required for IQnext integration?

IQnext gateway takes input over BACnet/IP. To integrate devices that are on the proprietary protocol, a separate gateway that converts them to BACnet/IP is required.

What information can IQnext generate in my building? How is it beneficial to me?

IQnext generates data such as occupancy, light levels, energy meter readings, HVAC configurations, and so on. All of the collected data is organized in an intuitive manner to allow for quick data-driven decisions.To begin, you can determine occupancy and space usage patterns, energy consumption of various buildings and floors, and so on. As you become a regular user of the IQnext platform, the possibilities become limitless.

Can the IQnext HVAC solution modify the central plant/chiller?

No, IQnext does not interfere with the chiller at any cost.

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