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Introducing IQnext

We are beginning the next chapter towards building management, and it’s the next chapter for our company too.

Vishal Jain
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Today, we are excited to share the news of our new avatar. Since the inception of Synconext about five years back. we’ve noticed growth and challenges, acquired customers, tied up with many top-notch companies, integrated our cloud platform solution across more than 3 million+ sft. 

Our journey started with a vision to create the kind of company that empowers individuals and teams to do their best work, based on trust, integrity, openness, and courage while helping the people thrive towards sustainability.

We are a young company with big dreams, young spirits and the urge to change the world for the better. With a strong belief that positive use of technology can create a large scale impact in society and we are committed to creating that impact in prop-tech space. 

The building industry has tremendous potential for tech-driven solutions natively designed and purpose-made 

We’ve learned from the use of legacy solutions in which people manage and operate without/limited data and insights, to manage and maintain their buildings, organizations use siloed approaches, leading to stakeholders making decisions based on human guesswork and an abundance of unorganized, underutilized data. Our goal is to bring in that industry shift with our tech-driven cloud solution.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” - Winston Churchill

The building is a long life cycle product that undergoes changes in how it is used and operated throughout its many many years of life. Yet the tools that are used to operate them stay stagnant and constant. What’s needed are tools and solutions that may not be perfect, yet they need to be adaptive and scalable through the building's lifecyle journey. We've created products that help businesses run smoothly by integrating devices, people, and processes in an innovative way - IQnext.

Our mission is to deliver sustainability and efficiency by seamlessly connecting a portfolio of buildings, enabling stakeholders real-time data-driven insights, by disrupting the traditional, fragmented, and reactive approach with our simple, intuitive, and scalable solution.

The change was driven by our long terms goals towards solving customer problems

we are a company that is dedicated to achieving environmentally reliable and efficient buildings that prioritize low carbon footprint.

As we progressed through our journey, we realized our clients often referred to us by our product - IQnext. Our logo and website are inspired by our core principle and young spirit of being a pioneer in leading our customers forward — not only helping them achieve their end business goals and at the same time a massive sustainable impact.

We chose blue to symbolize trust, imagination and strength. This reflects our commitment to continuously innovate and evolve to serve you better and for us.

Behind the new look we are still the same company and the team with the same cultural fabric, dedicated to providing the best possible product and solutions.

Adversity has made us stronger and much more resilient in our pursuit of growth. 

The last two years have been humbling for me and our company in many ways. One of the (many) crucial lessons we’ve learned is that building products people love aren’t enough. We took time to reflect on the why? Why did we choose to build the company? What’s the outcome? What’s the impact? The adversity of covid gave us the time and space to think and reflect upon our product, principles and values of our company - the foundation.

Our amazing, talented, and resilient team has been the core of this and has worked diligently to maintain the start-up spirit. We collectively recognized that the future would be stronger than ever for tech-enabled businesses, so we doubled down on creativity and innovation, as well as thinking through actual customer pain points that must be solved through technology and empathy. We have made enormous progress towards making our products ready for a post-covid world, and we will continue to build things that will make our businesses more anti-fragile while creating a 10x value impact for our customers. 

We would like to thank all our customers, partners and supporters for their continued belief and trust in IQnext and will continue striving toward building world-class products that create a positive impact for the world. 

Onwards and Upwards.

- Vishal Jain, CEO & Co-Founder, IQnext

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